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Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2019

The 26th Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference (PCC) will be held in Oxford on 10th-12th June 2019.

The PCC is an established conference organised by, and for, current research students in all areas of combinatorial and discrete mathematics, under the auspices of the British Combinatorial Committee. The PCC is mainly aimed at UK-based students, but is also open to those from abroad.

The aim of the conference is to allow research students to discuss their research in a relaxed environment, to gain practice at presenting their research outside of their own department, and to meet other young researchers in their area. Each student is encouraged to contribute by giving a talk which will last 25 minutes (including 5 minutes question and answer time).


The conference will be hosted in room L5 of the Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford.

Invited Speakers

We are pleased to announce the following invited speakers.


The conference handbook which contains the schedule, all the abstracts and lots of other information is available to download here: handbook.

Lunch suggestions

There is a café in the Andrew Wiles Building which sells hot meals, sandwiches and salads at lunch time and coffee and cakes throughout the day. The café also serves breakfast until 11:00. For those that don’t mind walking a little further, we have listed a few suggestions below.

Fees and Registration

Registration has closed.

The deadlines for registering are:

Early-bird registration will cost £30, and registration after 30th April 2019 will cost £40. This includes coffee breaks and the conference dinner. Payment can be made by following this link.

To submit an abstract, download the zip archive here and follow the instructions in the README. If you have any problems, contact Candy (candida.bowtell@maths.ox.ac.uk).

Travel and Accommodation

We hope to be able to reimburse all students’ travel costs up to a maximum amount of around £50-60 (details to follow). There is very little parking at the Andrew Wiles Building and driving should be avoided if at all possible. For more information about the parking at the Andrew Wiles Building, click here.

Since we expect that most participants prefer to organise their own accommodation, using AirBnB or similar, we haven’t booked any specific accommodation for this meeting. For those that prefer a traditional hotel, here are some options near the conference.

Participants with children may wish to apply for a Childcare Support Grant from the LMS.



The 2019 conference is made possible by the generous support of the British Combinatorial Committee and the London Mathematical Society.

The conference would also like to thank Oxford Mathematics and Lady Margaret Hall for letting us use their facilities and for their support in organising the conference.